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And so the rebuild begins...

About five weeks have past since the floods in Vermont swept through -- wreaking havoc and chaos throughout our little state. Though there was so much damage, I have been amazed (I know that I keep saying that) at how the community has come together to help get everyone reopened and back on their collective feet. Bravo to all of those neighbors who had hands, feet and knees in the mud -- shoveling, mucking out and scrubbing the floors and walls of those who were hit the hardest. You're the "BALM", healers and caretakers. It is a privilege to know you and work with and near you all.

As for us, here at the Inn at Water's Edge, we have begun the process of restoring the waterfront. Our old dock has finally been fished out of Echo Lake where the uncrushed parts will be finding a new home across the river. We pulled up all of the patio stones that we could manage and roped off the wonkiest section until we can get some machines down there to resurrect that beautiful gathering space. Mitch has been diligently remulching the path to the lake, planting new flowers and bushes and adding sod and stones to the entrance for --- (wait for it) ---


We want to give a shout out to the guys at The Dock Doctors in Ferrisburg, VT for pushing our project through and installing so quickly (and in the rain to boot!). Here's some photos of the installation:

The water is getting clearer by the day, and we've already had guests hanging out on the dock catching some rays and paddling around on the kayaks. Though not completed, the space is certainly usable and calling your name. Please come on up to support a community that needs your presence to come fully back to life! We appreciate you!

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