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ART at the INN

Final touches...that's where we are right now. By strategically placing a vase here, a pillow there, and now, a little bit of our very own family history through artwork on the walls -- we hope that these decor details enhance the ambiance of the Inn.

Both of my grandmothers painted, but my paternal grandmother, Goldie Shaffer (Nanny, to us) started painting when she was close to age 60 (I guess there's still hope for me!). Born in 1898 and living to the ripe old age of 102, I cannot even imagine the changes she saw and experienced in our country and world.

We loved going to her house in North Apollo, PA, in spite of the turpentine and paint smells that filled the atmosphere. She wisely counter-balanced those fumes with the aroma of freshly-baked sugar cookies!

She was not demonstrative with kisses and hugs, but her love was undeniable. When we would visit, she was quick to relinquish any task at hand in exchange for a comfortable hour of chat time on the frontporch swing. May not seem like much, but... so priceless.

My niece, Corrie Jones, is another talent in the family.

She not only paints, but also takes amazing photographs of the great outdoors which works well since that's where she spends most of her "downtime". She has been painting various ski resorts over the past year, and I was the delighted recipient of her rendition of the Okemo Mountain Resort shown below. Currently, it resides in Suite 9 over our soaking tub -- a vista to relax by. Her photos are displayed in the Inn as well, most of which are in Bedroom 1.

We have many more artists

to highlight,

most of which reside in our

beautiful state of Vermont.

Stay tuned!

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