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We are currently enjoying another round of winter here at the Inn, and it is gorgeous -- not too cold and perfect for all things on the mountain or, if you prefer, snuggled up by the fire all warm and cozy. The forecast continues to say, "white, white, white", and Okemo says the conditions are powdery. We have hosted several groups of friends here throughout the month of February and thought we should let you know how cool it is to book the Inn for groups. It doesn't cost more, but it privatizes all of the common areas -- the pub, the gathering space, the dining rooms, the library...for you and your peeps. You are literally "where everybody knows your name".

We already have several weeks reserved for groups throughout the summer, and President's Day weekend 2024 was scooped up last week. If you're interested in booking the Inn, first go online to see if the time slot you are interested in is open. It is possible to book right then; however, you may want to email or call the Inn to speak with Joel or Mitch so that they can address any questions you may have.

After a few years of social distancing, don't you think it's time to reconnect? We do! Cheers.

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