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Over the hump?

I'm hoping we are over the hump...I'm really longing for some isolation that is not socially restricted!

This place, the Inn at Water's Edge, is calling my name. Echo Lake has some of the clearest water I have ever seen. We take the canoe/kayak out in the summer and you can see straight to the bottom where the fresh water mussels abound. One side is shallow enough for lily pads to grow, but the other side is deep and wider for fast moving traffic. Though motor boats are not plentiful, when in use, they are usually pulling tubes full of giggling kids across the glass-like surface.

My favorite "relaxation" day consists of paddling across to Plymouth State Park (takes about 20-30 minutes), put ashore, then hike the Echo Lake Vista Trail (about a mile round trip) for a birds eye view of the lake. Stunning. Paddling back to our beach often entails a "lay back" where I pull in the paddles and soak in the sun, the quiet lapping of the water and the eagles soaring overhead. Lakeside fun consists of kids running and jumping full speed off the dock, fishing along the Black River or swimming. The evenings aren't complete without a bonfire, the roasting of some treat over the flames and sweet conversation about anything "non-viral". Ahhh.

It IS coming...the release from seclusion. We'll value our freedom to roam and congregate more than ever. In the meantime, stay safe, but don't stop dreaming--there is so much to look forward to! We hope to welcome you soon!

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