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"Sticks" and "Mud"

So before purchasing the Inn at Water's Edge in Ludlow, Vermont, I knew the seasons to be Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Same with you, right? Well, I was wrong. In Vermont, there are 6 seasons, Spring, "Mud", Summer, Autumn, "Sticks" and Winter.

We are currently entering "Sticks" -- definition: the time period between our glorious Fall which bursts with amazing colors on every hillside, smells of apple cider and pumpkin spice, and makes our eyes and hearts full and Winter which is basically self-explanatory (snow, snow and more snow). During "Sticks", most places shut down entirely and take off three weeks to clean, regroup and get ready for the busiest season of the year. For us, "Sticks" runs from October 26-Nov. 20, 2020. Nothing, well, almost nothing, is open except our Prix Fixe dinners on Tuesdays, which we're continuing through the season so nobody in Ludlow starves!

"Mud" season falls nicely between Spring Skiing and mid-May (the beginning of wedding season). It is named appropriately, since all of the snow and ice have melted and, you guessed it, turned our ground to mud. Luckily it is short-lived. Most places in Vermont close up and regroup to make the end of Spring and Summer spectacular. Mud season for us will run from April 12 - May 13, 2021.

Right now, we are getting ready for an exciting winter season. We'll open back up on Friday, November 20 and are available for bookings through the ski season. We've already had some families reserve every weekend in winter, so don't hesitate to book your winter getaway soon.

Okemo Mountain opens on Nov. 21st for Epic pass holders, and we've already seen snow on the runs. EXCITING!!!

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