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Celebrating Vermont Artists

One of the things that we value as a team, aside from celebrating the stunning natural eye-candy that surrounds us in this gorgeous state, are the industrious, creative neighbors that live, work and play here. From among that group, we've collected the works of several local artists that we'd like to highlight.

Susan Bull Riley is an amazing botanical artist who paints in both watercolor and oils and is equally proficient in landscape, portraiture, and still-life. She resides in Montpelier and teaches at Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT. We have Susan's work displayed in our dining room, gathering room and pub. Each piece is exquisite, and we are happy to showcase her talent on our walls. See more of her artwork at

Gary Milek is another artist who lives and works very close to the Inn in Windsor, VT with his wife, Sarah. Together, they own and operate Cider Hill Gardens & Gallery. If you have never visited this place...oh, do go. It is nothing short of magical (though sadly, I hear that it is for sale). Gary's work is inspired by nature and is brought to life through his use of egg tempera and watercolor. There is so much more to learn about Mr. Milek and his stunning learn more, please visit:

Peter Huntoon began his professional painting career in 1994. He is a native to Vermont and his love for this gorgeous state is reflected in his work. In March 2013, Peter launched "A Day in Vermont", a weekly email letter which celebrates the beauty of Vermont, one painting and place at a time. We selected two works that are especially close to our hearts (and property), "Echo Lake Morning" and "Buttermilk Falls". These two paintings, along with others from his hand, can be found in the hallway outside of the dining room (plus a few other nooks and crannies). More of his work can be seen at

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