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Meet the new owners of the Inn at Water's Edge

So your first question might be, "Why buy an Inn in Vermont?", well, at least that was my husband's first question (LOL). We are native Pennsylvanians and had been gently exploring the idea of buying a lakefront cabin somewhere in the south for years. My husband is an avid golfer, and I just wanted a place where we could gather, explore and play as a family since we're all outdoor enthusiasts. We (well, I) would get on a roll and peruse the waterfront listings in the Carolina's, Georgia, and Virginia, thinking that one of those states would provide the destination of our dreams, where we'd have great adventures and build memories with our kids and grand kids. At some point, I started thinking, why are we going south when our family is full of skiers? So, on a whim, I typed into that very "dangerous" google search bar, "lakefront homes for sale near ski resorts" and voila, up popped The Inn at Water's Edge. I could hardly believe that this place was real.

  • Waterfront? Check -- both lake AND river frontage.

  • Near a ski resort? Check -- less than 5 miles from Okemo and 15 miles from Killington.

  • Near a golf resort? Check -- less than 5 miles from Okemo.

  • Hiking nearby? Check -- a canoe ride to Camp Plymouth State Park, an 8-minute drive to Buttermilk Falls, and an entrance to the Appalachian Trail nearby.

  • Peace, yet convenience? Check -- just outside of Ludlow, VT, but far enough away to have eagles soaring overhead and fish jumping in the water....ahhhh. eleven bedroom working Inn? This was definitely NOT on the checklist. And so the journey began.

We are the Rae Family. We bought an Inn in Vermont. We hope you'll follow our story and maybe even come to visit...then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

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