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The Inn at Water's Edge Comes to Life for Reopening

"Mud Season" in Ludlow, Vermont is typically considered the least desirable time of the year for exploring this gorgeous area; however, The Inn at Water's Edge has used every second to complete the renovations that began last Fall and to spruce up and add some exciting features to our exterior spaces.

Our chef, Mitch, is a stickler for "farm-to-table" ingredients, so he brought the farm to the Inn (can't get fresher than that!). An abandoned barn, original to the property, is now inhabited by a flock of chickens, gearing up to produce fresh eggs for your breakfast pleasure. Additionally, where a particularly aggressive and destructive plot of Knotweed used to dominate, due to Mitch's determined efforts, a green house and garden space is now planted and producing herbs and vegies that will appear on your plates in beautiful and creative ways. Have you ever tasted fiddlehead ferns? You may if you visit since they grow in our forests and are considered a delicacy in our neck of the woods!

Besides edibles, our property is now blooming with color. Phlox spill over the walls of The Inn at Water's Edge like pink blankets. Daffodils, lupines, iris and other varieties have sprung to life from earth just recently covered in white. Ferns uncurl and border the pathway down to the lake. Window boxes and pots are filled, thriving and ready to delight. These are the things that lift our spirits! Doesn't the thought of it make you want to get outside and wander through paths where the destiny is unknown? Or paddle across a lake to reach the other side, just for the fun of it? Well then, come on! We're ready for you and are looking forward to meeting you! It's time to get back into the adventure of life!

You can reserve your room beginning June 15, 2020. Just go to "Book a Room" at to begin the process.

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