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The Sweet Smell of "Clean"

Joel Quinones, is our Hospitality Manager, and has written the following post to describe what we have put into place to ensure the comfort and health of our guests when they stay at the Inn at Water's Edge.

"Due to the pandemic, our opening was delayed and construction was halted. We did the responsible action of staying in place and used the time to disinfect. Luckily, very few people have been in contact with our space since it has been completely renovated which includes all new restrooms, carpeting and facelifts to other public areas.

While staying with us, you will be greeted at a safe distance and notice an increased presence of hand sanitizer in common spaces. We are already in the habit of compulsively wiping down surfaces, but you will notice us ramping that up as well. During spring, summer and autumn our windows will be open a lot more to allow our fresh Vermont breezes to circulate throughout the Inn for your pleasure.

All dishes are washed and sanitized in accordance with Vermont Occupation Safety and Health Administration. Food is also prepared with extra caution, aside from our usual protocol. Guest room water glasses are wrapped after sanitation to ensure cleanliness, and we also supply slippers for guests to use throughout the inn. We encourage guests to use our “Service Please” or “Do Not Disturb” signs, located on bedroom door handles, to alert us to your needs.

Once a guest checks out, we refer to our detailed checklist to reset our rooms. With gloves and linen bags in hand, we limit bare-skin contact to a minimum while meticulously cleaning each area. All of our linens and supplies are kept in areas with traffic limited exclusively to employees.

We will keep you updated with more ways to stay with us and stay healthy. There is always a place here for you at the Inn. Be well & be safe. Cheers, Joel"

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