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The Time Between...

We've had a milder "Sticks" season than normal -- some days pushing past 70 degrees WITH sunshine. We're grateful. We realize that this will change in a heartbeat as the temperatures start to drop and the glistening white flakes begin their descent. You can see the anticipation building in the skier's eyes. As innkeepers in Vermont, this time of year is used to deep clean, rest, rejuvenate and celebrate. Thanksgiving is soon to arrive, so our thoughts tend toward family gatherings, new recipes and old favorites, table decorations, cozy clothing and crackling fires. It's a wonderful time of the year, yet all of these happenings can be exhausting, especially when we know that just a few weeks later, we'll do it all again.

Well, there is an alternative..."Come to the Inn in the in-between". We've done the decorating and plowed the driveway. We'll make you a delicious breakfast and pour your favorite drink. We'll have the music playing and the fire burning. We'll have your robe and slippers ready and the sheets fresh and crisp. Why not treat yourself to a respite from the bustle of holiday life?

We reopen on December 1st, so please come. Let yourself sink down into the coziness of Vermont and relish the sweetness of peace in the time between.

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